Sound Organisation Brands Make Showing at What Hi-Fi? Awards 2022

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 19th 2022

It's that time of the year again where What Hi-Fi? names their favorite audio/visual products at each price point. And, like many years previous, Sound Org brands took many of the year's awards. Here's a quick reviews of all the products that won top spots at this year's What Hi-Fi? Awards:

Best DACs of 2022 - Chord Electronics Dominates!

The Chord Electronics Mojo 2 took the top spot for the Best DAC in the £300-500 price range. In their recent review, What Hi-Fi? praised the Mojo 2 for its amazing transparency, plethora of customization options and its lively, musical sound. The Chord Mojo 2 is available now for $775. Click here to learn more and find a retailer!

Moving up to the price £500-1500 price category, the Chord Electronics Qutest was the undisputed champion! With "excellent timing and rhythmic dexterity" and a "compact, stylish, and well-equipped design", What Hi-Fi? enjoyed the Qutest and praised it for being a clear and precise performer. The Chord Qutest retails for $2,125.Click here to learn more and find a retailer!

Winning the award for the Best DAC over £1500, the Chord Hugo 2 cemented itself as the best top-of-the-line DAC in this year's What Hi-Fi Awards. What Hi-Fi? was a big fan of the original Hugo, and in their review the writers noted the successor's "prodigiously detailed, dynamic and coherent" playback. The Chord Hugo 2 can be yours for $2,795. Click here to learn more and find a retailer near you.

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Rega Takes Two Awards for Best Turntables This Year

The Rega Planar 1 is a mainstay in the Best Turntable £200-500 category, and 2022 was not exception. What Hi-Fi found the Planar 1 easy to set-up and offered an impressive amount of detail for a turntable at this price point. In fact, they couldn't find any downsides for a turntable that can be purchased for just $595. Click here to read more about the Planar 1 and find a retailer nearby.

At the £1000-2000 Category, nobody can compete with the Rega Planar 6 turntable stocked with the Ania cartridge. What Hi-Fi named the Planar 6 a "wonderfully refined, articulate and precise turntable" and we couldn't agree more. The Planar 6 by itself retails for $1,875, but with a factory installed Ania Cartridge the price is $2,595. Click here to learn more and find a Rega retailer near you.

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What Hi-Fi's Best Floorstanders Feature Two Sound Org Brands

The Best Speaker £1500-3000 went to the esteemed Response DT8 floorstander from ProAc Loudspeakers. What Hi-Fi had a lot of good to say about the Response DT8 speakers, saying they have an "agile, articulate sound", "expressive dynamics," "insightful midrange", "taut and punchy bass" all packaged in a finely finished cabinet. The ProAc Response DT8 speakers can be yours for $4,300. Click here to read more and find a local retailer.

Taking home the award for the best Floorstanding Speaker over £3000 is the Spendor A7 loudspeaker. The Spendor A line is one of Spendor's more contemporary speakers and the A7 offers "stunning insight and precision", "expressive sound", and "excellent build and finish" according to What Hi-Fi. While not the largest tower speaker on the list, the A7's pack a lot of impressive performance in their 3 foot frame. A pair of Spendor A7 speakers retails for $6,275. Find a retailer and learn more about the speakers here.

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The Chord Company Takes Three Best Accessory Awards

Starting off Chord's series of awards is the Chord RumourX, deemed the Best Speaker Cable over £15 per meter. The RumourX is the upgrade from the previous-winning Rumour speaker cable, with an proprietary dialectric and upgraded banana plugs.  To What Hi-Fi, these upgrades provided a "clearer, more transparent performance" and "improved top-end refinement." Click here to view the product on our site and find a local retailer.

Chord C-Line is the best Analog Interconnect under £100 for 2022. The C-Line is first step in improving your sound system's performance, and is the perfect upgrade from your in-the-box RCA cable.  What Hi-Fi found that the C-Line helped tie instruments together in their test while aiding dynamics and musicality. The C-Line retails for $75 for a 1 meter cable. Click here to read more about the Chord C-Line and find a local retailer.

Chord Clearway Analogue RCA is this year's Best Analog Interconnect over £100. The Clearway series of cables is all about audiophile performance at an attainable price, and the Clearway Analogue RCA cable is the perfect example of that. With a "great sense of timing and dynamics", the Clearway RCA "delivers a more open, nuanced, and crisper performance" in  What Hi-Fi's test of the cable. You too can have this terrific performer starting at $130. Click here to learn more about the Clearway Analog RCA and find local retailers.

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Rega Wins the Award for Best Amplifier

While the Rega io was absent from this year's list of award winners, the Rega Aethos took the top sport for the Best Amplifier over 3000. At this price point, the competition is stiff, but  What Hi-Fi selected the Aethos due to it's "impressive agility and punch" and "solid build" while remaining "rhythmic and dynamic." MSRP on a new Rega Aethos Integrated Amplifier is $5,395. Click here to learn more about the Aethos amplifier and find a local retailer.

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